CBD Tinctures


Proper Dosage and Usage for CBD Hemp Oil


Hemp oil drops are the closest way to measure the amount each individual needs per serving. The serving suggestion on the bottle may not be exactly what each person needs. For example, the more severe your case you may need to start off with more of a dosage than the serving size suggests. To find out what type of dosage you may need, use the dossage chart that is referred and do the math. Then, take the proper dosage.
How to take:
Diluting the oil is not required and it is normally put under the tongue for 1 1/2 minutes and then swallowed. Flavored oils are usually taken alone, however, the unflavored oils can be used in fluids, such as, smoothies and really any drink. It just depends on the way you like to take your hemp oil.
More or less:
When figuring out if you should increase your dosage or lessen it, you should first check the serving size suggestion and the chart to figure out your personal dosage. Then, take that amount of the drops for about 2-3 days. If, after those 2-3 days you dont see an improvement in your well being then you may want to increase your dosage by about 5 drops.

Take that amount for a few more days to see if it gives you the effect you desire. However, if you do see a great improvement in your health and say your taking about 10-12 drops you can decrease the number to 8 drops. By doing so you can then determine the right amount of drops you need to be taking. This way you dont waste any extra oil that you could be saving for a later usage. Learn more about cbd tinctures come visit us at Wellspringcbd.com.